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octubre 2, 2012

Went there in October 1993 for a training on Bactec Blood Cultures Incubator. Stayed for 3 days.

On one night we  had dinner at this restaurant where I kept hearing these strange noises. Then when I looked, I could see clients hitting at crabs with a wooden hammer. It was kind of funny for it was my first encounter with this kind of activity. I asked  for a crab patty which I did not eat but a bit due to the other things I took.

Then we went back to our places at Embassy Suites. There I had a fridge where the patty got in and never came out. It’s so sad because I really wanted to eat the exhibit but so much rumble did not leave me space and time to enjoy the issue. Someday, some way you will get in my tummy, Maryland or not!

It was so lonely to have such a  suite and no spouse with me. My travel partner was a lady and she had her own quarters. Once we went around to see town and came to a seven story shopping center where I bought a figure at a Disney store. The strange thing was that I felt like in Ponce,PR  for there stood these live trees that were the same back home; at Plaza del Caribe Shop Center. I never went up to the last floor, time out.

Once, I went to the restaurant  at Embassy, and this lady offered me an appetite opener. For the way she described it I accepted, not used to eat more than one plate. What she brought was a reminder of Pedro Picapiedras, as we call Fred Flintstones. These ‘giant’ buffalo wings. They were only eight, but I knew it would be a ‘closener’, a shutter.  I was supposed to eat 2 or 3 and wait for the supper, but it took so long,…


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